Index du Bulletin de Bibliographie Spinoziste

Contributions de Henry E. ALLISON

"Kant's Critique of Spinoza", in The Philosophy of Baruch Spinoza, ed. Richard Kennington, The Catholic University of America Press, Washington (DC), serie "Studies in philosophy and the history of philosophy", v. 7, 1980, 199-227. (anglais). N V, 26.
Reprinted in Genevieve Lloyd (ed.) : Spinoza. Critical assessments, Routledge, London-New York, 2001, vol. IV.

Benedict de Spinoza : An Introduction (revised edition), Yale University Press, New Haven (Conn.), 1987, 254 p. (1st ed. Boston, 1975). (anglais). N X, 20-22 (Charles Ramond).

"Spinoza's Doctrine of the Eternity of the Mind : Comments on Watson", in Spinoza. Issues and Directions. The Proceedings of the Chicago Spinoza Conference (1986), edited by Edwin Curley and Pierre-François Moreau, E.J. Brill, Leiden/New York/København/Köln, coll. "Brill's Studies in Intellectual History", vol. 14, 1990, 96-101. (anglais).

"Spinoza and the philosophy of immanence : a reflection on Yovel's The adventures of immanence", Inquiry 35/1 (march, 1992) Scandinavian University Press, Oslo/Stockholm, p.55-67. (anglais). N XV, 12 (Thomas Luntz).

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