Index du Bulletin de Bibliographie Spinoziste

Contributions de Joel I. FRIEDMAN

"An Overview of Spinoza's Ethics", Synthese, Dordrecht, vol. 37, n°1, 1978, p. 67-106 (anglais). N IV, 27.

"Spinoza's denial of free will in man and God", in Spinoza's philosophy of man. Proceedings of the Scandinavian Spinoza Symposium, 1977, edited by Jon Wetlesen, Universitetsforlaget, Oslo/Bergen/Tromsø (distributed by Global Book Resources Ltd), 1978, p. 51-84. (anglais). N I, 18.

"Was Spinoza fooled by the ontological argument ?", Philosophia, Ramat-Gan, t. 11 (1982), p. 307-344. (anglais). N VII, 29.

"Spinoza's problem of other Minds", Synthese, Dordrecht, 57 (1983), p. 99-126. (anglais). N VI, 13.

"How the finite follows from the infinite in Spinoza's metaphysical system", Synthese, Dordrecht, 69, 3 (1986), p. 371-407. (anglais).

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