Index du Bulletin de Bibliographie Spinoziste

Contributions de Dan NESHER

"Methodological Changes in Spinoza's Concept of Science", in Spinoza Studies : Three hundred years - In Memoriam (Barukh Shpinozah : 300 shanah le-moto : kovets ma'amarim), University of Haïfa, 1978, p. 53-64. (hébreu). N II, 23.

"On the `Common Notions´ in Spinoza's Theory of Knowledge and Philosophy of Science", in Barukh Shpinozah. Kovets ma´ amarim al mishnato [Baruch de Spinoza. A collection of papers on his Thought], eds Menahem Brinker, Marcelo Dascal, Dan Nesher, University Publishing Projects Ltd, Tel Aviv, 1979, p. 35-52. (hébreu, résumé en anglais).

"Remarques sur la philosophie de Spinoza, sa consistance, son évolution", Iyyun, The Jerusalem Philosophical Quarterly, 36 (1987), p. 83-123. (hébreu).

"Spinoza's Theory of Truth", in Spinoza. The Enduring Questions. Essays collected in honour of David Savan, ed. Graeme Hunter, U. of Toronto Press, coll. "Toronto Studies in Philosophy", 1994, 140-177. (anglais). N XVIII, 28 (Ariel Suhamy).

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