Index du Bulletin de Bibliographie Spinoziste

Contributions de Nathan ROTENSTREICH

"Rationalism and thinking", Archivio di filosofia, Padova Casa, Roma, editrice dott. Antonio Milani, 1978, p. 312-326.(anglais). N I, 28.

"The system and its components", in Spinoza : His Thought and Work. Entretiens in Jerusalem, 6-9 september 1977, eds. Nathan Rotenstreich and Norma Schneider, Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities, Jerusalem, 1983, p. 14-23. (anglais).

"Moses Hess - ein Jünger Spinozas ?", Archiv für Geschichte der Philosophie, Berlin, t. 71, n°2 (1989), p. 231-247. (allemand).

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