Index du Bulletin de Bibliographie Spinoziste

Contributions d'Ephraïm SHMUELI

"The Geometric Method, the Educational Ideal and the Theory of Caution", in Barukh Shpinozah. Kovets ma´ amarim al mishnato [Baruch de Spinoza. A collection of papers on his Thought], eds Menahem Brinker, Marcelo Dascal, Dan Nesher, University Publishing Projects Ltd, Tel Aviv, 1979, p. 155-176. (hébreu, résumé en anglais).

"The Geometrical Method, Personal Caution, and the Idea of Tolerance", in Spinoza : New Perspectives, eds. Robert W. Shahan and J.I. Biro, University of Oklahoma Press, Norman (Okla.), 1978; reprint : ibid., 1980, 197-215. (anglais).

Crossroads of modern Thought. Studies in Spinoza, Hegel, Husserl and Mannheim, Eked, Tel-Aviv, 1984, 190 p. (anglais). Au sommaire : réédition de 4 articles (p. 7-66) :
"The geometrical method, personal caution, and the idea of tolerance" (1980),
"Hegel's interpretation of Spinoza's concept of substance" (1970),
"Some similarities between Hegel and Spinoza on substance",
"Thomas Aquinas´ influence on Spinoza's concept of attributes" (1979).

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