Index du Bulletin de Bibliographie Spinoziste

Contributions de Ted STOLZE

The new Spinoza, traduction et présentation par Warren Montag et Ted Stolze, University of Minnesota Press, Minneapolis, 1997, 260+xx p. (anglais). N XXI, 32-33 (Steven Barbone). Sommaire :
Louis ALTHUSSER : "The only materialist tradition, part I : Spinoza";
Gilles DELEUZE : "Spinoza and the three 'Ethics'";
Luce IRIGARAY : "The enveloppe : a reading of Spinoza, Ethics, 'of God'";
>Emilia GIANCOTTI : "The birth of modern materialism in Hobbes and Spinoza";
Pierre MACHEREY : "The problem of the attributes";
Pierre-François MOREAU : "Fortune and the theory of History";
Gabriel ALBIAC : "The empty Synagogue";
André TOSEL : "Superstition and reading";
Étienne BALIBAR : "Jus-pactum-lex : on the constitution of the subject in the Theologico-political treatise";
Alexandre MATHERON : "The theoretical function of democracy in Spinoza and Hobbes";
Antonio NEGRI : "Reliqua desiderantur : a conjecture for a definition of the concept of democracy in the final Spinoza".

MACHEREY, Pierre : In a materialist way : selected essays by Pierre Macherey, traduction par Ted Stolze, présentation par Warren Montag, Verso, London/New York, 1998, 197 p. (anglais). N XXI, 19 (Steve Barbone).

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